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Bank's NEFT Request Application Filling Form System


With the growing technologies and its benefits, no one has been left outside to new revolutions and implementations. Similar technology upgrades has been seen over the years with banking sector. With the net banking / internet banking facilities getting more popular, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) & Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) services were also started years back now in India. And, almost all banks provide these quick fund transfer facilities. These services to transfer fund is very helpful, being free-of-charge (or low charges) and quick & real-time.

With these services getting more acknowledgement and getting used by more and more people (importantly companies / firms in India), there has been seen few slow down hindrances by people in filling up the bank application forms for every transaction before submitting it on the counter. This issue becomes bigger when the company has to do the same process on regular basis say daily and for quite a good number of Payee. If this is a regular exercise to fill NEFT application form at the bank, there is always a chance of error since it’s a monotonous job, that’s gets postponed.

As a solution, for one of our customer, Kenovate Solutions has built a web based application which helps to streamline the daily activity with absolutely zero errors and a minutes job to get that done correctly one time, every time.

With this web based NEFT & Payee process automation management system; users can enter their list of Payee for once and get the NEFT application form auto-filled and printed as per the bank format as quickly as a click of mouse. Since this is a web based application, users can get the forms printed as per the bank’s requirement, pre-filled with their own account details and payee details, from anywhere, be it at home, head office or branch office.

Such applications are very handy when an activity has to be performed daily or on a regular basis and is consuming time, money & efforts. For any such scenarios, technology automation solutions can be very helpful in reducing time & cost and making such operations error-free and perfect.

Salient Features:
  • 100% Online. No Installation Required
  • Multi-user for easy Collaboration
  • Manage Beneficiaries. No need to enter details again and again
  • Starts at Just Rs. 500/- only!

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