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How to Manage Your Leads?

Improve your productivity, sales team performance, close deals faster - consistently!

You know it very well for how much are you investing to get a lead for your business. And first lesson is, all leads are not sales-ready i.e. won’t buy instantly or on the same day. This means, your sales team needs to engage with those leads in some ways to take them down the sales funnel. It means, you might need to go thru like a cold call to educate the customer about their need & requirement for purchasing the product/service. And finally, sell your own products and services.

How & Where do you store your leads?
Once you get a lead from a phone call, an email, a visiting card, a reference etc, there are few questions:

  • What do you do with that?
  • What’s your next step?
  • How do you store that unstructured / unverified information?
  • Where do you store that information?
  • Is it easily available for searching or sharing with people in future?

  • How to store and manage your leads

    You can increase your lead conversion rate and create more revenue generating opportunities, if these leads are correctly tracked and nurtured. You need the right process and tools in place to make more sales closures with the following:
  • Save your contacts, leads, activities, notes/reference
  • Centralized operations for better efficiency
  • Share leads with your manager / team members
  • Access past activities for leads
  • Watch how your sales team is performing
  • Watch your successful lead sources
  • Watch your lead sales funnel stages

  • Improve your productivity, sales team performance, close deals faster – consistently!

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