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Leadomatic: an Easy to use Lead Management Tool

Close more deals with your prospects with easy lead management tool


Made for closing more deals with timely follow ups and less time

Businesses operate with different marketing strategies and various sales procedures for closing deals. But ultimate goal is to keep all your suspects & prospects on your finger tips, for timely follow-ups, without stress, tracking old conversations, always knowing the history of the prospect before making a next move, and so on; to actually close THE DEAL. So what is there in Leadomatic?

A typical company loses between 40 and 80 percent of sales leads somewhere in the sales cycle

 Centralized system for everyone
Absolutely no confusions for your team to look for leads and activities in order to track what’s going on.
 Quick statistics / reports
Simple to read & real-time graphs to understand how effective your sales conversion is over the leads.
 Effortless to use
It’s really easy to use as it’s been designed for non-tech people for targeting only sales.
 Better than spreadsheets
If you are still on spreadsheets, you know the pain or DSRs, monthly, quarterly sheets. Not required anymore.


Here is what you can expect from Leadomatic - a Coffee Cup!

Plan & execute all your marketing campaigns peacefully without stressing yourself of managing those incoming leads and running after your sales staff to execute them.

All you need is a system which can tell you anything and everything about any lead - starting from when it was created, when your sales persons got in touch, when is the next follow-up, what’s the current position / status of the lead & importantly, what’s happening (who communicated, when & what).

Not to mention the benefit of looking at the graphs for the leads stages & your best marketing campaigns etc.

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