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SEO Optima: - SEO Project Management Tool

Easy to use SEO Project Management Software


Is this what you do to manage your SEO projects:
  • Call on your team members for early morning meeting
  • Assign directory / Classified submission (Off Page work) jobs to each one on them
  • Team members went back to their seat
  • EOD, asking for excel sheet / emails for their work for every project
  • Going through sheets / emails to analyze the amount of work
  • Merging excels daily, weekly & then monthly for every website
  • Asking, where are the approval URLs
  • Don't know where is the week old data

And finally getting lost on how much, where all the submissions / distributions were done and what all are the approvals

Let's not deal with manual operations to merge, summarize, collaborate & DRs. Let’s streamline it...

SEO Optima is a web based SEO Project management Software that can help you to manage large number of SEO projects easily and keep your team work optimized. Simply on a mouse click, you can get work report of projects as well as team members.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to add or modify any number of projects
  • Flexibility to Assign or revoke project’s rights for a team member.
  • Manage day-to-day Off-Page SEO activities (like directory, search engine, articles, PR etc submissions)


  • Project wise work reports
  • Team member wise work reports

Off page work Key Features

  • Manage off page work according to project / team member
  • Reduce time for off page data collection, submission, merging and reporting
  • Track all submissions and approvals (whether directory, PR or blog etc)

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