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Turn 'Enquiry Leads' into 'Qualified Leads' and finally turn them into 'Closed Deals'

Every business whether small or big, startup or established, wants more and more no. of leads. All marketing & promotional activities are performed with a heavy investment for the same reason. Now, once your marketing investments has started showing results and you are getting leads, what’s the next step – manage your leads.

What is a Lead?
In simple terms, a record of unstructured information about a person or an organization with an intention to turn it into an opportunity & potential deal.

Why Lead Management Necessary?
Do you know that 50% of your leads (suspects) are not buy-ready. They need time to make decision and want to evaluate or discuss with multiple vendors (companies) before buying. You have to nurture such leads and convert them into a sales deal. To do that, you should be in touch with the prospect during their research phase answering their questions & doubts. And while you do that, it’s important for your team to keep their discussion / follow-ups updated somewhere to let you know what’s going on with that case – anytime & anywhere.

Leadomatic: Lead Management ToolYou can increase your lead conversion rate and create more revenue generating opportunities, if they are correctly tracked and developed.
  • Makes your sales team more efficient and effective
  • Makes your marketing investment smarter and cost-effective
  • Makes your team to close more deals and make more revenue
  • Makes your team know their leads better and their communications so far
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