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Content Management System (CMS) Solution

CMS for easy and flexible website content management for easy and quick content updation


While building and managing sites for our clients, we at Kenovate Solutions found that we needed a tool that could give us and our clients an ability to quickly and easily manage online content and data. We wanted to make sure that our client had flexibility and complete control on all aspects of their site without requiring in-depth technical skills or extended training before they could launch their sites.

What is Content Management?
Content Management is effectively the management of the content described above, by combining rules, process and/or workflows in such a way that its electronic storage is deemed to be 'managed' rather than 'un-managed'. This would define steps, process and system to do content management.

In brief, CMS (content management system) is a system or a tool or a combination of tools that facilitate the efficient and effective production of the desired 'output' using the managed content. A CMS is a tool that enables even a non-technical staff to create, add, edit, manage and publish a variety of content (such as text, graphics, video, documents etc), while maintaining data being stored centrally and following a set of rules, process and workflows that checks validity of the content.

Our Dynamic CMS solution allows an organization to benefit from:
Web Applications DevelopmentUnlimited flexibility
Web Applications DevelopmentSuperior user experience across multiple public sites and private portals
Web Applications DevelopmentEnterprise-class content management features and functionality
Web Applications DevelopmentDynamic content targeting capabilities
Web Applications DevelopmentCustom functionality across entire applications and portals
Web Applications DevelopmentThe ability to embed Videos, Images, Flash and other multimedia content
Web Applications DevelopmentThe ability to incorporate presentation and share information from various line of business applications
Web Applications DevelopmentA robust built-in website and enterprise search capability
Web Applications DevelopmentThe ability to optimize for organic search using built in On Page and Off Page SEO optimization tools
Web Applications DevelopmentA comprehensive security to control access to content as well as publishing rights
Web Applications DevelopmentA high availability solution with robust performance and scalability