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Reasons why Lead Management should be in your 2013 plan

Only 5% of leads close quickly but 40-50% of leads will eventually. Having a standardized sales process that can be enacted, monitored, nurturing, follow-ups with past leads and refine it based on proven results makes the difference of closing more deals.

Management can’t see what’s happening to the leads after they get distributed to sales team,  and often leads go untouched or left out without proper follow-ups. It all adds up to wasted lead generation dollars, frustration, lost revenue and lost customers. To solve these issues, every business needs a comprehensive lead management solution. Read more...

Payment Gateway for Your E-Commerce Business
Do you have a website and sell products or services or an e-store and having difficulties in receiving money from your customers? Or, since you are waiting for offline payments to materialize, customer's orders are on-hold?

Gone are the days when these were the real issue. Not anymore. Payment Gateway Solutions are a technology upgrades to help your online presence really active and interactive. From your e-store, you can let your customers buy stuff and pay you right-then-and-there. You can book an order at the same time and start your delivery process.

As published in Economic Times on Feb 1st 2013 under 'Online payment gateway services expanding fast in NCR', Mr. Harinder Takhar, CEO, PayTM said 'In a day we have around 74,000 users' talking about online transaction per day.

We, at Kenovate Solutions, have partnered with payment gateway providers to extend our services to our customers and help them getting a payment gateway for themselves. If you have an online website or a e-store, we can help you get a payment gateway for your business and get it integrated with your website to start collecting money online. Do give us a call at +91-11-42141242 to know more or write to us at
You have got a business idea, now what?

So you got a technology business idea which you think will be hot. That’s great. Now what?

I meet so many early stage entrepreneurs those who want to turn their technology idea into business by developing a software application or a new generation e-commerce system to make money. Since it’s their idea, they are self-determined and sure that their idea is unique, nobody is doing it and if this comes to market; everybody will jump over it. If that’s so with you too, there is nothing wrong with your thoughts. But, before you start investing your money in building your idea, find out what you should be doing and how.

SEO Optima: Team Not Sure What SEO Projects They Are Working On
There are various off-page activities to be performed on regular basis for each SEO project. And since these activities are performed by executives specialized in their respective area, each member is working on multiple projects at one point of time. This makes it confusing for team executive to work. Many times, since work assignment changes, its a bigger confusion for team executives on a daily basis.

This can be resolved or benefited by using SEO Optima to have efficient team to get effective results. Find more...
Do you know your website's visitors
So you have a website and want lots of traffic, visitors & readers coming to it. And you started SEO, SEM, PPC, Emailer etc all kind of digital marketing techniques. But are you tracking the visitors? Do you know where are they coming from?

You might say 'yes' bcoz you have got Google Analytics or Piwik or some similar program tied up with your website. But that's not all. You should know more about the visitors, understand the trends, whats good on your site & whats not working etc. You need all this to decide your next course of marketing action.
Launched: Lead Management Solution
Leadomatic - lead management solution launched specially for startups & SMEs
Lead Nurturing builds Relationships
Lead Nurturing is a process which every marketer use to build relationships. Why
Researchers say that only 30-40% of enquiry leads get converted into qualified leads. 70% of qualified leads want to but are not ready to buy your services.