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SEO consultation to understand your internet marketing strategies better!One of the most important components of a growth strategy is company’s web presence. If you are thinking of starting a new online business, or even if you already have a website or an online business, you might have already heard about SEO. SEO helps in improving web presence of your website or your online business. Its always a good idea to consider SEO consultation to understand your internet marketing strategies better.

At Kenovate Solutions, we have a competent team of SEO experts to provide expert views on:
  • Web site structuring to enable better search engine crawlability
  • Increase / enhance the number of links to your web site
  • How to optimize your web site code for maximum performance
  • Show you what errors need to be fixed on your website
  • Tell you how to clean up search engine spam you may have on your web site
  • Expert recommendations to keep your website alive

Our SEO consultation will include:
  • Navigational structure (javascript, DHTML, Text Links, Sitemap, Frames etc)
  • Website structure (css, div, frames, anchors, font size etc)
  • Linking analysis (incoming, Outgoing, Internal, Anchor links)
  • List of errors and warnings (HTTP, HTML, CSS)
  • Search engine spam (keyword stuffing, hidden text, font size, linking farm etc)
  • On-Page Improvement Recommendations
  • Off-Page Strategy

For any of your SEO Consultation or Website SEO requirement, feel free to contact us to build your online strategy.