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Technical Consulting Services

Right Advisory, Technical, Business, Communication skills can drive into successful project implementation!


Right technical consultation at right time for successful implementationKenovate Solutions has got a team of experts with 20+ years of solutions experience. Over the last 7+ years, our people, our methodologies and support system have evolved to form a critical mass in terms of consulting thoughts. Currently we offer wide range of consulting services both generic and market niche, all aimed at building efficient processes and profitable businesses.

Opportunities are inconsistent too, they come suddenly and if not considered immediately, they will disappear. Businesses with technology ideas / process automation cannot wait to learn the technologies and need an expert insight guidance to get their solutions rolled out soon.

Our basic principles of technical consulting:
  • Understanding expectations of clients
  • Defining roles & responsibilities for clients & consulting team
  • Helping client visualizing the end result at the beginning
  • Suggesting & advising ideas to let client make right decision
  • Result oriented execution

We posses right Advisory, Technical, Business, Communication skills to drive any project into its successful implementations.

We at Kenovate Solutions, provide expert guidance to businesses / individuals in all areas of technical implementation of their solutions which include programming languages like HTML, DHTML, CSS and PHP or database oriented like MySQL etc or technologies like Ajax, javascript or solutions like Wordpress, OsCommerce, Payment gateways etc.