Web Development Technologies: PHP / MySQL

PHP / MySQL web programming development helps to develop interactive and dynamic websites


PHP and MYSQL are popular open-source technologies that are ideal for quickly developing database-driven Web applications. PHP is a powerful scripting language designed to enable developers to create highly featured Web applications quickly and MySQL is a fast, reliable data-base that integrates well with PHP and is suited for dynamic Internet-based applications. PHP is a scripting language with a unique ability to embed itself in the HTML code. MySQL is a popular database and the combination works well for all kind of web applications, such as online shopping carts, content management systems, e-commerce applications etc.

This combination is competent enough to build solutions like content management systems, shopping cart solutions, eCommerce website, emailing services, web forums etc.

Advantages of using PHP/MySQL for applications includes:

  • Open-source and hence no licenses needed
  • High performance and speed
  • Although it runs on Windows machine too, but great results with Linux box (also less prone to infections)
  • Browsers & cross platform compatibility
  • Plugins, libraries, extensions easily available with paid or open-source license
  • Faster development and easy deployment

We at Kenovate Solutions, a web application development and maintenance company India, provides PHP and MySQL application development services. PHP in combination with MySQL offers most fastest and economical web development solutions for developing dynamic web applications, Portals & Web-based Products. With years of experience of working in these technologies, we are now the experts to play around with these web technologies. We had an experience to build
  • PHP / MySQL Content Management System (CMS) Website
  • Customized Shopping Cart Website / e-Commerce Website
  • Payment Gateway Integration Solution
  • ERP / CRM Solution
  • Web Based Accounting System,
  • PHP / MySQL Forums, Bug Tracking System
  • PHP / MySQL based browser oriented automation solutions

Require more information about how we can full-fill your PHP / MySQL Application Development requirements, please feel free to contact us.