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The Truth about Real Estate Internet Marketing
Most real estate agents make the wrong investment in their web site. They either spend a lot of money on a spiffy new real estate web design or take what seems to be the easy route and buy a real estate web site template with the same basic content and information as ten thousand real estate agents across the country.

Purchasing a real estate web site design without investing in a real estate search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy is like taking a seller client listing and not actively advertising the home.

What are the chances that a buyer will stumble upon the listing?

To succeed in real estate internet marketing you need a content rich web site and develop a concise web marketing plan that targets your region and specific customer demographic. The site not only has to reach out to potential customers, but also needs to provide you with meaningful and useful data gathering tools to turn prospects into leads and buyer clients. But where can you find the time to manage and maintain your real estate web design, work existing leads, and take care of your customers and clients?

Panda-Proof Real Estate SEO – Rankings that Last
We consider Google's recent Panda update when executing real estate search engine optimization. Our solutions follow the new Google Webmaster Guidelines released in line with the update. Using our knowledge on real estate and expertise on SEO, we create customized campaigns that target your specific niche market.

Free Proposal for your Real Estate website
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