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Custom Product Development

Empowering your organization with technology, market research & business strategies for your solution

We have come a long way in the course of software development. Product development is not just limited to programming excellence, it also include software design, architecture, developments, testing and maintenance.

Custom Product DevelopmentKenovate Solutions considers product development as an on-going process. We aim to evolve as a smart and agile outsourcing partner for global businesses, and help in managing the entire product life-cycle. We deal with the entire spectrum of product development, from initial conceptualization to product delivery.

Our efforts and services have helped us achieve 100s of satisfied clients, clients who prefer to use our services for their organizations. We understand individual client needs, developing new products right from scratch after carrying out in-depth research and analysis, and subsequently executing the projects into fully developed reliable and cost effective applications, after following various steps which include:

Web Product DevelopmentPrecise product definition
Web Product DevelopmentProper planning
Web Product DevelopmentPractical and effective designing
Web Product DevelopmentUndertaking the quality assurance testing
Product DevelopmentCarrying out the deployment
Product DevelopmentProviding the required support
Product DevelopmentA drastic reduction in the product development cost by utilizing our offshore services.
Product DevelopmentDedicated teams provide the required flexibility and control over product architecture to ensure proper and efficient utilization of resources as per your specific needs and requirements.
Custom Product DevelopmentCommitment to the client's intellectual property rights, and maintains project information confidentiality and trust.
Custom Product DevelopmentOutsourcing product development services provide quicker turnaround and reduced development time for your projects.
Custom Product DevelopmentReliable and experienced team, in addition to a helpful and productive maintenance service that provides support for all queries, problems and any software needs.

We understand that a product development for your customers is not a one-time development process. A product once developed has to grow and features has to be enhanced as per new technology trends and customers requirements. So the product has to be builds with the options of expandability and provisions for integrating the product with third-party APIs & tools.