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Project Management - a lifeline for a successful completion of a defect proof project - on time & in budget!


Project Management is a careful discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources for the completion of project goals and objectives. Defining project goals and objectives includes specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are needed, associating budgets and timelines for their completion. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the project constraints including scope, time and budget.

With the use of PARIYOJNA, you will have visibility into the project, from where you are, so that you will know at any point of time what has been done, what is being done, what is going to be done and when. Gantt chart improves the visibility of project progress to keep a watch on delays and unstarted work.

Why Do You Need A Project Management Solution?

Business requirements change so quickly these days that, unless the project manager is fully aware of the issues at a business level, even a project that delivers the planned scope within time and cost may be deemed unsuccessful because its deliverables are no longer relevant to the business.

The latest statistics from the Gartner Group states that 30% of IT projects never come to a fruitful conclusion. On average 51% exceed budget by 189% while only delivering 74% of the originally stated functionality.

One of the top factors for failed projects is the use of traditional project management methodologies and pratices. Companies do not want to invest in best of breed methodologies that will benefit the bottom line over a period, with projects delivered within budget. Companies do not recognise the value of using a methodology to support and enable them to record all the happenings & proceeding of the project during its lifecycle for future reference and to keep every participant updated.

Why Pariyojna

Pariyojna, is a product developed by the team of experts from Kenovate Solutions who masters the subject of web application development for the ease and efficent working of a process. With years of experience of IT projects, Kenovate Solutions knows that there are many reasons why projects both simple and complex fails. Some important reasons include the lack of systematic execution of study, inputs, feedbacks, changes and other proceedings during the project lifecycle. The most important reason is 'documentation' of all activities which are to be performed and keeping a track that they really get done. As a result of it, the deliverables are not what customer has demanded. This leaves a gap in vision of a customer and project executors. These issues of project lifecycle gave birth to Pariyojna - a collaboration tool to manage projects better, towards - getting projects done!

With the help of Pariyojna, you will have:

  • Visibility into the project
  • From wherever you are
  • You will know what has been done
  • What is in-progress
  • What is going to be done
  • What is planned & when
  • Gantt chart improves the visibility of progress to check delays and unstarted work.