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Smart Directory

Smart Directory - Online Web Directory with build in SEO Support

Smart Directory is a directory website script that enables you to create your own Directory website up and running in less than a hour. Smart Directory is a dynamic website using database & control panel to help the administrator easily manage the content. The script is designed in a fashion to have all SEO techniques inplace for your administrator to easily define keywords etc on every page basis.

The flexibility of Smart Directory also enables you to create any kind niche or specialized Directory like Online Business Directories, Real Estate Directories, Travel Directories, Yellow Pages Directories, Article Directories, Product Catalogues, or almost any other kind of Directory or Catalogue. Smart Directory can also be used as a CMS (Content Management System) to build a very basic website of yours.

Smart Directory is written using PHP programming language and using MySQL at backend as a database. You do not need any programming skills or a part-time programmer to install & implement it. The highly user friendly interface enables you to start building your web directory website within minutes after installation.

You can define the list of categories you want to publish on your website. Keeping SEO point of view in mind, you can define no. of pages you want for each category. While adding a link, you have a option to place that link under which category and on which page. E.g You might want to give a link on page 2 of Business caetegory. For doing this, you do not need to modify any code. This can easily be implemented using Smart Directory control panel.

Do you want to restrict links with 'NoFollow'? Yes, you can do that easily.
Do you want to manage common ads on your website? Yes, you can do that easily.
Do you want to manage ads specific to a category page? Yes, you can do that easily.

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