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SEO Optima: Why to manage SEO Projects & What you can achieve?

Easy to use SEO Project Management Software

The success of an SEO campaign for a project (website) is not limited to your ability to follow Google guidelines, W3 compliance, making site SEO friendly and performing Off-Page activities like directory submissions, classified, press release & article distribution etc. Effective results to your efforts of SEO campaign are mostly dependent on how you execute your SEO projects. As competition has grown high, your strategies become more complex and if your team do not perform activities as planned, outcome of any SEO project will be futile. And, as a SEO provider, you would never want to lose your customers.

So what is that you can do to make your strategies and your team’s efforts worthwhile?
Simple – manage them better.

  • SEO Optima is an online tool for online marketers to track and monitor their SEO activities closely. Why do you want to waste your time in managing excel sheets on a daily basis and then merging them on weekly / monthly / quarterly basis? Stop doing that and invest your time to perform fruitful work. Let SEO Optima handles that.
  • Do not ask your team member to give you a report of submissions & approvals done so far and then wait for hours or days for that report. At the end-of-day, you are also not sure if that’s a good report with no duplications (as shown in previous report).
  • Check the work done / activities performed by your team members on a projects just on a click basis, even 10 times a day. Since SEO Optima is a real-time SEO project work management system, you can check the work on daily basis in real-time.
  • No waiting to consolidate submissions & approvals. Whenever you need it or your customer asks for it, data is readily available anytime anywhere.

Keep your submission URLs and approvals separate for each project along with dates to keep a track of nos. you have done and build your strategies and complex plans to achieve best results & keep your customers happy for long.

Find our more features of SEO Optima, how it can help you improve your team efforts.

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